About Us

Our Story

Between the years of 1848 and 1853, a courageous group of pioneers came to the Willamette Valley from Monmouth, Illinois. They believed that God had called them to start a town, a college, and a church. Their heart was to proclaim the Gospel to this new and rugged frontier. In 1856, they established the City of Monmouth, Western Oregon University, and Monmouth Christian Church to this end. After over 150 years, our desire remains the same as those courageous pioneers; to proclaim the Gospel throughout this whole region and the whole world.

Small Groups

We believe that Jesus’ call in Matthew 28 “make disciples” applies to each of us today. One way we seek to be obedient to that call is in the context of relationally-focused small groups. These are intended to provide a place for each of us to learn how we might practically live out the lives God has called us to live. Our hope is that in a small group you might find a community of believers that will encourage and challenge you in your walk. Our small groups meet all through our cities on every day of the week. Our hope is that you might find one that fits your needs. Contact us to find one in your neighborhood.

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